Sanmen Daikokuten

"Sanmen Daikokuten," the guardian deity of Hideyoshi, is a very rare exalted Buddha said to be a fusion of three other Buddha: "Daikokuten," "Bishamonten," and "Benzaiten.” It was thanks to this Buddha that the samurai Hideyoshi was able to rise up and unify Japan, achieving great fortune.
Daikokuten is the Buddha of wealth; Bishamonten is the Buddha of victory in battle, and Benzaiten is the Buddha of learning and femininity.

Charm, Amulet,Visitation seal

Charm for good fortune

Charm of Sanmen Daikokuten

Buddhist statue

Protective amulet (red/blue)

Carved charm on a string

Votive drawing

String of beads

Visitation seal 1

Visitation seal 2

Visitation seal 3
(includes snack)

*At Entoku-in Temple, we will date the visitation seal paper with the date and present it to you.
We do not write directly onto visitation seal books.

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