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●Kodaiji Makie
  Magnificent Masterpiece of Momoyama Art Elegant and Delicate "Kodai-ji Makie"


What is Makie?

Makie is a Japanese Lacquer technique of sprinkling gold and /or silver powder on lacquer while it is still wet. This technique was used not only on household items but also on Momoyama period interiors (late 16th century).

What is Kodaiji Makie?

In Otama-ya, we can still see a flight of stairs and a number of small shrines beautifully decorated with Momoyama period makie. This makie is known as "Kodai-ji Makie" and nowadays all makie which uses the same technique or has similar design is generally called "Kodai-ji Makie".
"Kodai-ji Makie" has a reputation of being elegant yet striking.


hanaikada●Introduction of Kodaiji Makie (Important Cultural Property)


■Hanaikada (Momoyama Era Important Cultural Property)

The makie design, Hanaikada (rafts with flowers) expresses the essence of human life. It also wonderfully expresses Buddha's teaching that everything including our own life will flow without stopping.

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