Hand-copied sutras

Hand-copied sutras …… Imbued with prayers, stroke by stroke

 -Time required: 5 minutes


The hand-copying of sutras was an ascetic practice carried out at Zen temples. You would carefully write over faintly printed paper with calligraphy pens. Five types of hand-copied sutras are available. Slowly writing one character at a time has a relaxing effect.
Please select the hand-copied sutra that matches your own wishes and try writing it. (You can write as many types as you wish)

1) General:" Shichibutsu Tsukaige"(16 characters)
The "Shichibutsu Tsukaige" sutra is said to have been commonly preached by Shakyamuni and the six Buddha who existed before him. It is recited daily at Zen temples.

2) Health: "Kan-nonkyo"(20 characters)
The Buddha named Kan-non possesses various powers. Please copy this sutra to pray for health and long life.

3) Scholarly pursuits and work: "Monju Bosatsu Shingon"(21 characters)
The Buddha called Monju Bosatsu is a symbol of knowledge. Please copy this sutra to pray for success in scholarly pursuits and work.

4) Financial blessings: "Daikokuten Shingon"(17 characters)
The guardian deity of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, "Sanmen Daikokuten," is enshrined at Entoku-in Temple. Daikokuten is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
Please copy this sutra to pray for prosperity.

5) Love: "Aizen Myo-o Kie"(18 characters)
Aizen Myo-o Kie is the Buddha of love. Please copy this sutra to play for success in love.


- Tracing of Buddhist images:With prayers to the Buddha for daily tranquility

 -Time required: 5 minutes for face, 30 minutes for entire body


Copy the form of the "Sanmen Daikokuten," which was highly valued by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Copy the form by following the lines to draw the face or entire body of this Buddha.
Sanmen Daikokuten is a Buddha with three faces – the smiling "Daikokuten," the female "Benzaiten," and the battling "Bishamonten." As you draw, you will be filled with feelings of happiness.

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